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Cabinet Remodelling Adds Beauty to the Kitchen’s Environment

It is obvious; more you work somewhere more it needs cleanliness. In the kitchen, the fire remains burning most of the time you work there; for example, you cook food and do other relevant tasks; burning fire under the kettle. The environment of the kitchen gets hot and the smoke eclipses the environment of the kitchen; the kitchen accessories and the furniture starts looking dull and dark. The formal guests visiting your kitchen have a bad impression of your personality and your kitchen. Also, you feel monotonous of the kitchen environment and you want to remodel prominent things present in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet, of course, attracts the attraction most of all. It needs remodelling first of all if you plan to remodel some of the other things alongside. You have to decide first what you actually want to do with the kitchen cabinet; whether you want to remodel it by changing its skin or you want to paint it in an eye-catching color. Following is the detailed discussion about cabinet remodeling.

How to reface the kitchen cabinet?

Kitchen cabinet catches the eyes of a guest visiting your kitchen. The decent and clean look of the cabinet has a good impression of your kitchen and your personality on the visitor. Your dull dark and warms-eaten cabinet do not let the visitor make any good opinion of your kitchen despite some other accessories are good looking. You have to decide first what to do to improve the look of your cabinet. If you have decided to reface your cabinet, you have to be well informed of the formalities you have to fulfill before you start to reface your cabinet. You need to have the required material to be used in the process.

  • Plastic laminates
  • Wooden veneers
  • Rigid Thermo foils

Following are the tools being used in the cabinet reface process:

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer and small nails
  • Screw
  • Level
  • Wood glue
  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Handsaw
  • Small crowbar
  • Utility knife

It is noteworthy here, you can buy all the above-mentioned items and material from the main market of orange county California if you reside in that state.

You must know where to start from the refacing process. All the drawers, doors, hardware and hinges are removed. You are required to measure the cabinet from all direction to buy the material as per need. Having bought all the necessary items you are suggested to clean the cabinet completely with a cloth. No dust or dirt should be there inside or outside. The front of the cabinet is given a little sanding; inside of it needs not. After the cleaning process the veneer is applied properly; keep measuring side by side to apply the item accurately. Also, continue to cut the veneer where it goes beyond the limits. The doors are fixed after the veneer is applied completely. New doors and drawers can be bought.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The refacing process is not a hard task to be accomplished. A person with a little skill to use the hardware tools can do the cabinet reface process easily. By doing this work with your hands you save a big amount of money. However, some of the people find it difficult to cut and apply the veneer at the little corner of the cabinet inside and outside of it due to the small size of the cabinet. They have to spend more time to complete the work.

What is better than other; Refacing or Replacing?

Your nice cabinet adds to the attraction of your kitchen; you have two options to bring about a change in your kitchen; reface or replace the cabinet; it depends on your budget what you choose out of the two. If you replace the cabinet, you have to spend a big amount of money to buy it. On the other hand, the replacement process is a bit less costly if you do it by yourself; if you seek the service of a professional, he will certainly charge wages for the work.

Painting the Cabinet is another option

The kitchen cabinet attracts the attraction of the visitors by and large. Your warms-eaten or dull cabinet have a bad impression on the visitors. You can remodel your cabinet in another way if you cannot afford to buy a new cabinet; nor can you reface the cabinet due to the reason you cannot afford to hire a professional of this work; the option is quite simple; you can paint the cabinet. By painting in an eye-catching color, you give your cabinet a new look in your limited budget.

How to start this process?

Painting a cabinet is not a hard task; all you require is the paintbrush, and a standard paint being sold in the market. You have to remove the drawer from the cabinet and keep them apart to paint them separately. You have the option to paint the cabinet in multiple colors if you have an artistic sense. Remove the dust and dirt from the cabinet with a piece of clothing before you start painting. Paint the drawers first to let them dried in the meantime you paint the cabinet. It does not take much time to complete the process.

Pros and Cons

You want to give your cabinet an attractive look; you choose the option of painting the cabinet. Of course, by spending a little amount of money you remodel your cabinet. Also, the paint’s smell wards of germs and insects for a long period of time. The eye-catching color has a good impression on your guests. Nevertheless, you are required to be skillful in using the paintbrush. Despite the paint is of high quality, a skill is required to apply it on the surface of something. If you lack that skill your cabinet does not have a good impression on others. Moreover, the laminated skin of the cabinet cannot be painted. While removing the lamination you scratch the surface of the cabinet.


Your kitchen cabinet attracts the attraction of the guests; you need to remodel it after a certain period of time. You reface the cabinet or you paint the cabinet; in either of the case, you need to be skilful to give an attractive look to your cabinet.

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